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This page was modified Monday July 10, 2006.  Please e mail Jim Yount with your comments on content.    Since e mail addresses often change, please consult the contributors page for current e mail addresses for authors. represents the wide variety of views of its contributors.  Most of us have found that there is usually more than one "right way" to do things.  If you have a point of view that is different than the author's, you are encouraged to express your opinion as a "counterpoint" to an article, or as a comment to an author for inclusion in his/her paper.


The table of contents below is an outline for this site in its final form.  Since the site is not yet complete, many of the sections are not linked to articles.  If the table of contents element is not underlined, it hasn't been written yet. 


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        1   General Information

        2   Process

        3   Equipment

        4   Resources

        5   Marketing your products

        6   Events

        7   Gallery





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1   General Information

    1.1    Goals, purpose of the site

    1.2    Contents (this page)

    1.3    Background on sandcarving and the forum.

    1.4    Safety issues - Don Niland

    1.5    Getting started

                    Introduction to Sandcarving - an overview - Tony Smith  

                    Photoresist - an overview - Tony Smith

                    Personal notebook - pages from - Jim Yount
                    How to etch pavers - Shane Jewell


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2   Process

                    Fine lines: a general paper on producing a "fine print" in glass using Photoresist - Jim Yount

                    Fine lines 2003: lessons learned at the outer limits of my system - Jim Yount

                    Sandcarved Glass and Kiln Work - a general description by Sara Urband-Murphy

    2.1    Acquiring images - Rick Martin

        2.1.1        Sources

        2.1.2        Techniques

                    Artwork Stencil Methods - Beccy Garvin

                    Bitmaps and Their Pre-preparation for Vectorizing - Charles Grage

                    Fine Details Using Simple Tools in Adobe Illustrator - Jim Yount

    2.2    Resist selection and preparation

        2.2.1       Cut resist

           Hand cut vs. machine cut 

           Temporary & permanent

        2.2.2       Photoresist

                    Photoresist - an overview - Tony Smith

           Preparing images

           Producing a positive

                    Comparison of inkjet films - Tom Eddleman

                    A comparison of film positive, laser and Inkjet print quality - Jim Yount

                    Translucency of Printable Films - Tom Eddleman

                    Photoresist Image Quality - Robert Gaertner (PhotoBrasive Systems)

           Selecting the resist

           Exposing and developing the film

                    Pressure washer modifications - Tom Eddleman


                    Laser registration of resist - Tom Eddleman

                    Placing masks on compound curves - compiled by Sally Elliot

                    No-math measuring for lettering placement and even baselines - Kathryn Whitacre

                    Lettering on a curved surface - Kathryn Whitacre

                    Text on a compound curved surface - Tom Eddleman

    2.3    Blasting techniques

                    Avoiding Mask Blow Outs - compiled by Sally Elliot

                    Using PETG for Sandblast Masks - Tom Eddleman

        2.3.1      Surface etching - Robert Crane

        2.3.2      Shading

        2.3.3      Multistage deep carving

        2.3.4      Contouring, Texture

                    Sand Carving Using Silicon as a Resist - Bob Pickard

        2.3.5      Halftones/photographs

                    Halftones - part 1 of 3 - Christopher Haney

                    Halftones - Robert Gaertner (PhotoBrasive Systems)

                    Halftones - Gary Williams

        2.3.6      Remasking techniques - Jim Yount

        2.3.7      Multiple resists

        2.3.8      Carving through

                    Sandcarving Glass Through and Through - Tom Eddleman

        2.3.9      Flashed Glass

                    Flashed Glass - an introduction - Rick Martin

    2.4    Finishing

        2.4.1     Gold leafing

        2.4.2     Painting

                    Adding Color Using Fuse Master Transparent Enamels - Jim Yount

        2.4.3    Slumping

        2.4.4     Glue Chipping

                    Glue Chipping - Pat Mackle

    2.5        Presentation

         2.5.1    Edge lit bases

                    Increasing the Illumination of Edge-Lit Carved Glass or Mirror  - Lon Weekly

         2.5.2    Photographing completed work

                    Photographing glass - David Paterson

                    Photographing Edge Lit Carved Glass with a Digital Camera - Jim Yount

    2.6        Tips


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3   Equipment (beginner and advanced equipment choices)

                    Len Silva's glass shop photos - Len Silva

    3.1        General Computer requirements, software types, etc

                    Intel Microscope Modifications - Jim Yount

    3.2        Substrate

         3.2.1    Glass: float, mirror, plate, tempered, etc

                    How to cut glass - Pat Mackle

         3.2.2    Other materials: stone, marble, etc

         3.2.3    Fused Glass

    3.3        Cut Resist   

         3.3.1    hand cut – stencil burners, knives, etc.

         3.3.2    Plotters

                    Working with Plotters - Rick Martin

                    Ultra Pro Cutter - Pam Biagi

    3.4        Photoresist

         3.4.1    Printers

         3.4.2    Exposure systems

         3.4.3    Washout 

                    Pressure washer modifications - Tom Eddleman            

         3.4.4    Dryers

    3.5        Blasting

         3.5.1    Abrasives

                    Media Reclaimer - Tom Eddleman

         3.5.2    Cabinets

                    Sandblasting Cabinet Design - Bob Pickard

         3.5.3    Rooms

         3.5.4    Compressors

                    Air Compressor Selection - Tom Eddleman and Cliff Swanson

                    Piping From Compressor To Pressure Pot - Tom Eddleman

         3.5.5    Guns, nozzles   

                    Pinch Clamp Nozzle - Greg Goett 

         3.5.6    Hoses

         3.5.7    Pressure pots

                    Vibrating Media Sifter - Tom Eddleman
                    Grit Flow Pipe - Irene D'Aloisio

         3.5.8    Dust collectors - Don Niland


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4 Resources - Sally Elliot, Michael Wilson

                    Contributors to this site



                    Guns and Nozzles

                    Lighted Bases

                    Resists and Glue

                    Stencils & Art

                    Tutorials and Seminars



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5   Marketing your products - Business Topics

    5.1        Business Issues - General

                  General Discussion on Logos - Compiled by Len Silva

    5.2        Corporations

    5.3        Galleries

    5.4        Creative Products

                Neat stuff we’ve seen and thought about that might sell in your area.


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6   Events

    6.1       Calendar

    6.2       Group projects

    6.3       Workshops/Seminars

                    First Annual Advanced Sandcarving Workshop in Shawnee OK April 2002

                    Pickard Beginner/Intermediate Workshop - Diana Glass

                    Seattle meet  - August 2002 - Irene D'Aloisio

                    Pacific Northwest Sand Carvers October 2002 Workshop

                    Pacific Northwest Sandcarvers - May 2003 - Compiled by: Irene D'Aloisio

                    Pacific Northwest Sandcarvers - May 2004 - Compiled by: Irene D'Aloisio

                    Pacific Northwest Sandcarvers - October 23, 2005 - Compiled by: Irene D'Aloisio

                    Pacific Northwest Sandcarvers - October 30, 2005


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7   Gallery

    7.1       Photos

                    Bob Pickard

                    Tom Eddleman's carved black on white glass

                    Jim Yount's carved/ fused rose

                    1931 Chrysler

                    Mucha Artwork - Work in Progress

                    Tom's Wedding Invitation - Tom Eddleman

                    Etched Trowels for Habitat - Tom Eddleman

    7.2       Members’ websites (both within this site and linked)

    7.3       Studios



























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