Intel Microscope Modifications


Author: Jim Yount


Revised: August 03, 2005


The Intel microscope is a valuable tool for sandcarvers to examine, photograph, and transmit images of film art, resist, and final carved glass at 10, 60, and 200 power.  It is currently available on the web for about $60.   I've used it in several of the articles on fine lines, and Tom Eddleman recently purchased one for his use.  Latest reports from Tom indicate that it's a really cool tool, and he's having a blast using it.


There are some modifications necessary to the Intel Microscope to allow you to use it on a large, flat surface.  The barrel assembly can be easily removed from the stand; however, you will then need a support.  Since the focus distance is slightly different for each magnification, and since you will want to use both the 10 power and 60 power settings, it would be handy to have an adjustment in the new support.  This is accomplished with a screwed fitting that can be rotated to raise and lower the microscope.


I found that 3 inch ABS is about the right size, and made a simple stand using a smooth/threaded coupling, short thread length, and some 1/8 inch plastic sheet (Sintra).  Any flat, glue-able sheet will do, in lieu of the Sintra. 


This is a pretty tight fit, and you will need to do some hand work on the short threaded length to clear the rotating barrel assembly.  I used foam style insulating tape to hold the barrel centered in the coupling.


Overall photo of new support assembly, showing foam insulating tape.




Inside view of coupling; note the tight fit.








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