This site was created in 2003 to support the artists and businesses that create images in glass and stone, using abrasive blasting techniques.  It contains organized responses to the  "Frequently Asked Questions" that are often raised at the sandcarving forum.  It shares the goals of the forum to allow its members to benefit from each others' real world experiences, and to help suppliers understand the needs of the sandcarving community.  This forum has well over 1000 members and a wealth of experience to share. 

Lately, I've been tempted to close the site, since some of the information is out of date. However, the traffic as of January 2012 is still quite impressive. In the hopes that folks will find the information useful, I'll leave it up for a few more years.

A table of contents provides a rough framework for the completed site.   So, there are many sections that do not yet have content.  If the section does not have an underlined link, it was never completed.

You can access the table of contents by clicking on the buttons on the top of each page.   Since e mail addresses often change, please consult the contributors page for current e mail addresses for authors.  If you'd like to contribute an article, go to this page for some instructions.

The "Cutting Edge" link will bring you to a second forum led by Chuck Cobb and Brian Pacholka and others.  At last check, nearly 250 members had posted more than 10,000 messages here.  The format of this forum is especially nice. 

I've added direct links to my personal glass pages on, and also a direct link to graydog homepage (click on the pooch in the upper left hand corner).  I've also directly linked to the Yahoo! sandcarving e group (the "forum" link).  Hopefully, this will decrease the number of e mails I get from folks who see one of these sites, and not the others.  A link to the "cutting edge" forum has also been added recently. 

The photos on the top are from one of our Pacific Northwest events.  The hands on the left belong to Bob Pickard, from a visit he made when I was in Richland; that's Bob's photo on the far right.  The art in the middle belongs to Bill Jamieson and Lavelle Wallace, both of the Pacific Northwest group. 

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