Please contribute your knowledge!

This is an all-volunteer site, with sandcarvers helping sandcarvers.  It's funded out of pocket by some of us, knowing that the experience will be well worth the investment.  If you'd like to help financially, that would be fine, but our biggest request is that you get involved, roll up your sleeves, and contribute your knowledge.  Write an article, propose a topic, suggest a group project.  Help us all get better at what we do.

Instructions for contributors

The easiest way to publish your article, is to simply send straight text (little or no formatting) and photographs or drawings to me.  Text can be in MS Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker or text formats.  Photos and drawings can be jpeg, gif, tiff, Photoshop or Illustrator format.  

Please do not embed your photos and illustrations in Microsoft Word or Publisher.  These programs do secret things with the photos, and make it next to impossible to perform the magic that must be done on photos to get the sizes small enough for those of us with slow internet connections!!! 

Yours truly is currently working on a 2.7 mega baud broadband, so large files will should not be a problem for me.  I'll do the compression, sizing, insertion, etc.  Let me know where the illustrations fit in the text.  ("insert photo 1 here").   I have the latest versions of the software listed above.  I'll do a draft web version, and let you do a final review before the pages are "announced" on the forum.  Thanks for your help in making this site a useful resource for sandcarvers.


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