Carved Fused Glass - first attempts

Jim Yount

Revised: Monday, April 04, 2005


Here's a photo of a 2x3 inch sample, that at least captures the effect I'm after with fused glass. 

You're looking at the piece from the front/clear side.  It was carved from the back/powdered side after fusing was complete.    I achieved the shading by controlling the depth of cut of the carving. 

I've used Photoshop to auto-level the image, the piece was not lit, other than room lighting and was photographed by yours truly using the macro setting on the digital camera, hand held.

This is done on fused clear/powder Bullseye glass.  Actually, it's two pieces of clear fused together (we didn't have any 1/4 inch clear at the time), and the powders were added on top, then flipped in a second firing to restore the surface finish on the uncarved side.  Using one piece of the thicker glass should eliminate the bubbles, and changing the firing sequence should improve the quality.  It is (obviously) stage carved, about 1/16 deep (any more, and the image goes pure white) using Photobrasive 5 mil.