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The best place to buy books on glass is Whitehouse Books in Corning, NY. They carry over 3,000 books on glass.

Their internet site is:

Designs for Glass Etching, 49 Full-Size Motifs, Dover Publications, 1989

Engraving Glass, a Beginner's Guide, Boyd Graham, Dover Publications, 1982.  Emphasizes the methods and techniques used in diamond burr engraving.  Complete with projects and lessons.

Etched Glass Techniques & Designs, Norm and Ruth Dobbins, Hand Books Press, 1998.  Valuable information, and many good photographs of excellent glass work. 

Glass Engraving, Course and Patterns, Sid and Terrence PIcone, Eastern Publishing 1982

Glass Engraving, Barbara Norman, Arco Publishing, 1981.  A general background on glass engraving, using a variety of mechanical methods.  Includes a substantial section on photographing engraved glass.

Glass Etching, Surface Techniques and Design, Norman Dobbins and Debra Felberg Oxley, CKE Publications, 1988

Glass Etching II, Carving Techniques and Designs, Debra Felberg Oxley and Norman Dobbins, CKE Publications, 1993

Glass Etching, 46 Full-Size Patterns with Complete Instructions, Robert A. Capp and Robert G. Bush, Dover Publications, 1984

Gold Leaf Technique 3rd edition, 1986. LeBlanc/Smith/Sarti ST Publications, Cincinnati, Ohio.  The reference standard for Gold Leaf Technique, according to our own Fred Self

Sand Carving Glass: A Beginner's Guide L.S. Watson, TAB Books 1986.  Out of print, but THE original sourcebook for sand carvers.








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