Media Reclaimer


Author: Tom Eddleman


Revised: April 04, 2005


This reclaimer was built from 1 20 gal galvanized trash can and parts lying around the shop. It was one of those cases where I knew I needed something to cut down on the amount of media that made it to the dust collector and to try and separate the dust from reusable media.


To start with I cut out a piece of plywood to fit inside the lid and screwed it down. Then I cut 2 holes in the lid and plywood with a hole saw. A section of straight pipe from an old wet/dry vac and one of the nozzle attachments from the same vac were glued into the lid with RTV glue where the section of pipe went to within an inch of the bottom.


Sealing the lid to the rest of the can is accomplished with a piece of vinyl blast tape. Its not pretty in fact its down right ugly, but it does get the job done.