Etched Trowels for Habitat


Author: Tom Eddleman


Revised: August 03, 2005


An Advertising company here asked me to etch some chromed steel trowels for Habitat for Humanity. The question was if chrome would etch very well. The answer is that it etches like just about like any other metal. It's a surface etch that changes the color to a contrasting shade that's permanent. It looks good. With 3 mil SR3000 the circled R came out crisp. From the pictures that's kind of hard to see. Those really are silvery chrome trowels, but with the black backdrop they look black. The etch is a dark gray color.

The trowels are going to Paris soon for the presentation on Nov. 19. Seems that one of the recipients is an ex Georgia peanut farmer. He got into Habitat for Humanity since his forced retirement.








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