Lighted Bases

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Produce 3 different sizes of lighted bases for holding flat glass.  Dimensions of bases are not given, just that they are suitable for glass 12”-13” wide, 15”-16” wide and 24”-25” wide and suitable for ½” thick glass..

New Mexico – 505.473.9203


InterCon Marketing

Flat bases, round and rectangular in wood, faux granite, solid granite, metal and plastic.

New Mexico – 505.473.9203


NJM Gallery

5 sizes of LED light bases for paperwieghts, including one which cycles through a range of colours.

New Hampshire  – 888-211-0311


Potomac Display

A username and password is required to enter their wholesale catalog. To view their bases, on the retail side, enter “light base” in the search box.  They have a wide variety in fruitwood, maple and acrylic.

Maryland – 410.875.3340



Scilux produced a great product, but seems to be out of business. If anyone has information about a reincarnation of this product, please contact the webmaster.







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