Stencils & Art

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Art On Glass

Over 1 million clip art images.  You can search for free to see if they have anything suitable. A 1 week subscription costs $7.95 and provides unlimited downloads.

Florida – 800.303.9390


Art Today

Over 600,pre-cut vinyl stencils designed for small etching projects. All of the designs available as pre-cut stencils are also available on disk or CD in vector format.

Arizona – 800.482.4567



Over 410 stencil designs are presented in their book. You can then order pre-cut stencils from these designs, or purchase an on-line subscription.

New Mexico - 505.473.9203



Hundred of stencil designs available.

New Jersey – 800.872.3458



12 sets of paperback books with over 14,000 illustrations. Most illustrations are line drawings and have been selected specifically for the glass artist.

6 CD’s with book. All images scanned at 600 dpi. Each CD contains anywhere from 90 to over 500 illustrations in a variety of formats.

California – 800.423.5635


Laser Cutting Services

Small catalog of pre-cut stencils.

UK – 44 (0) 1360 850389



CDs available containing thousands of images and logos in EPS format. 


Minnesota - 800.643.1037


Pre-Cut Patterns

Search or browse their collection of pre-cut stencils featuring mainly wildlife, plants, flowers and marine subjects.

Michigan – 616.392.4415



Large collection of stencils (approx 450) broken down into 12 categories. All masks have pre-applied adhesive. A CD is also available with all the designs in a variety of formats

California - 800.729.9478



Huge collection of vector art which is keyword searchable and categorized. Images can be purchased for $1.00 each or the entire CD-ROM, with over 6,500 designs for $299.

California - 800.542.2307


Stencil Library

Over 3,000 stencil designs grouped into more than 20 categories.

UK – 44 (0) 1661 844844



 This page is maintained by Sally Elliot.  Please contact her with changes and corrections.