Gallery: 1931 Chrysler

Author: Jim Yount


Revised: April 04, 2005


For the last year, I've struggled with the art for this car, particularly with the pinstriping (1/8 inch on the car, 0.0035 inch/0.25 point on the glass).  Recently, I've had some success, primarily by switching to UltraPro 4 mil, from 3 mil, and by some subtle changes in design and blasting. 


The use of UltraPro Blue 4 mil requires some changes in process and technique to be successful.  Removing the carrier sheet can be a problem; the substrate bond benefits from an overnight cure, and it seems to generate more bubbles, but be bothered by them less.  Curious. 


Design changes included leaving space unblasted internal to the blast area.  By not removing and blasting the resist between the pinstripes, they seem to separate visually.  Since the image is not deeply carved, the extra "black space" on the image helps.


Click to enlarge:




Time to do art: about five hours

Time to blast: about 45 minutes, including peeling

Value of Jack's smile when I gave him this for Christmas: priceless.