Vibrating Media Sifter



Author: Tom Eddleman


Revised: April 04, 2005 


A while back I posted that there were some commercial vibrators on E-Bay at a decent “Buy Now” price. These could be used to make a media sifter or when hooked up to a pressure pot vibrate the media down to the bottom. I finally got around to constructing the media sifter. The frame to hold the hopper is square tubing welded together. The hopper is a bucket with a hole cut in the bottom, a piece of tubing soldered to the bottom, and a piece of hose clamped to it. The vibrator has a plate bolted to it that has a piece of strapping welded to it and a sieve (this one from Rayzist) bolted to it.

The idea is that when dumping trashy media in the hopper it flows through the bottom into the sieve. The hose won’t allow it to overflow the sieve. The vibrating sieve shakes the media through. If you put a 5 gal can of media in the hopper and turn it on you can forget it for about 10 minutes and do it again if necessary.

Most any vibrator can be used except those small ones that run on batteries. If you use a lot less media than I do then scale it down.

Tom Eddleman