Pickard Beginner/Intermediate Seminar, June 28-30, 2002


Author: Diana Glass

Published: July 18, 2002

Revised: August 03, 2005

Bobís beginner/intermediate seminar was held in Shawnee, OK from June 28-30, 2002. There were 18 people attending (although only have the names of 15 of them).

Wayne Budwick

Cheryl Budwick

Paula Cameron

Diana Glass (!*!*!*!*)

Mirko Jelinek

Laura Longerbone

Tony Longerbone

Ray Nykaza

Bhupinder Obhrai

Carren Roberts

Camille Vincent

Magi Whitaker

Randy White

Heather Young

Ron Young

The first day of class we determined that most of us were beginners so needless to say, we had to start at the beginning! Bob was very patient with us and taught us the basics. He also gave us good info on where to get supplies. His favorite supplier is Walmart!!!

Our first project we applied contact paper onto the glass and traced our object with a stencil cutter. Very good for me since I had bought one about 6 months ago and even after viewing the video hadnít had the courage to attempt to use it. We found that it works great, just have to be careful to not burn ourselves!!! We all admired our work and then went on to the next project. Cutting out permanent stencils on acetate. Again another learning curve. As far as I know, even the most experienced ones there hadnít used the stencil cutter before.

The next day we worked on photo resist, learning the doís and doníts of it. Again, something I needed to improve upon. We didnít spend a lot of time on the photo resist, but enough to get the idea of how to work with it.

Bob demonstrated his techniques using permanent stencils. He created some unique pieces as we watched him via video. This was a great idea to use the video to show us what he was doing because with 18 of us surrounding him, we wouldnít have seen a thing.  Weíre all looking to the day when we can create something half as good as Bob did.

We had about 3 hours on Sunday to listen to Bob give us some more information and demonstrate another technique, finish up a project or do whatever we needed to do. The class was over way too soon and then everyone was heading off to wherever they came from. I know my head was swimming with all the info I had to bring back to Texas!!!








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