Author: Robert Gaertner, PhotoBrasive Systems


Revised: August 03, 2005 


The following is a straightforward approach to halftones that the author has found to be successful with inexpensive printers.  Adjusting the transfer "curves" is a little tough to explain here. Feel free to contact Robert if help is needed...


Robert writes:

"I have found that with ANY printer capable of printing a graphic image a halftone can be made.   If the image is converted using the internal halftone processing in Photoshop, the printer will see it as it would a photograph from a digital camera.

"I've done halftones on $50 Lexmarks all the way to a $5,000 postscript laser printer. Aside from resolution differences, the halftones all turned out well.    Want halftones but don't want to spend $650 on Photoshop? Check eBay for new or used packages of Photoshop 5.0 LE (limited edition).  I've seen new ones sell for as low as $39.00, and it will make a great halftone. Unlike the full version, it doesn't have gamma color correction. Who cares about color?"

Click on the link below to see Robert's latest halftone instruction sheet, in pdf format (you'll need to have the Adobe Reader installed). 

Adobe Photoshop Halftone preparation









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