Gallery: Bob Pickard

Author: Bob Pickard

Compiled/Reported by: Jim Yount

Revised: August 03, 2005

These latest images from Bob Pickard "raise the bar" in the quality of sand carved art. 


At the close of the 2002 Oklahoma advanced workshop, the beautiful multilevel glass panel fused by Sara Murphy had cracked.  Ever one to make the best of adversity, Bob proceeded to carve away the background, and the results are shown here.



Bob's latest work is shown here, inspired by a drawing done by Boris Vallejo.  This is a 28 by 40 inch multistage deep carved piece, done on 1/4 inch transparent glass.  Bob was particularly challenged by the face, particularly the chin and nose, doing several practice efforts before tackling the complete job.  Bob created the line drawing, then cut the resist with a stencil burner.  The body was clear coated, the rest of the image was left matte. 

I've left the image quite large, so that details can be seen.  However, Bob has carved musculature and body contours that are difficult to see in the photograph.  He reports that this was a tough one to photograph, using a black background behind the glass, and photographing through a small hole to eliminate reflections from the camera. 








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