Do they really think we can do that says Tony and Earl

New Best Buds, Kathryn and Tom

Cindy and Javier blast together

Got a caption for this treasure?

Let us know what it is!

Diana, Kathryn, and Bill focus

We don't think Evie believes us

What a tool box!

Some very heavy discussion

Holly reads Robert's palm

And it immediately exhausted her, so she takes a nap

Javier uses the stencil burner

Jerome and Larry have their doubts

Joe and Fred share an educational moment

We don't think Joe believes a word Wendy is saying

Larry explains the importance of experience to Nick

Melody, Irene, Dave, and Larry listen...for a change!

Mike, Irene, Bill (from Mayne Island!), and Ray

Peter from Photobrasive is explaining some photoresist facts to Earl

Tom smiles at Kathryn's etchings

Nigel gives us a big smile


Oooohhhhh! It's gorgeous!!

Peter from Photobrasive answers Kathryn's question, "What exactly IS photoresist?"

Randy, Gayle, and Joe

Ray, Cindy, Karen, Bill, and Nick

Ricardo and Mr. Bubble, AKA Gordon

Robert, Joe, and Diana face Larry

Karen and her friend

Jerome asks for more

Nick keeps his eyes out for the twins, but one of them is right in front of his face!

Beccy, Evie, and Suds

The Ladies' Table








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